Connecting V:Server4

Unpack carefully and get the V:Server4 device out of the cardboard box. Remove the packing material from the device. Place the device on a secure & stable surface or directly mount the device into a 19”-rack system.


  1. Make sure you have switched off the device on its BACKSIDE.

  2. Now connect an IEC power cord with 110/230V AC to the device.

  3. Connect the V:Server4 to your Shownet Network using the ethernet connector on the BACKSIDE.

  4. Connect an USB keyboard, mouse or touch screen to one of the available USB ports.

  5. Optionally connect a second monitor on the DVI connector.

  6. Connect your DMX devices.

First Start-Up

  1. Switch on the device on its BACKSIDE.

  2. Switch on the device on its FRONTSIDE.

  3. Wait until the V:Server4 booting sequence is finished, this can take several minutes on first start up.

  4. As soon as you can see the information page pop up on the screen, the server has started up completely.

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