Safety Instruction

Checking the Scope of Delivery

Please check that the scope of delivery is complete. Keep the packaging for later transport. If components are damaged or missing, contact your Syncronorm supplier. To download the current software and firmware, visit the Syncronorm website at

Intended Use

The V:Server4, in the following referred to as „unit“, may only be used as specified as follows:

  • For controlling DMX and DMX-RDM compatible units (e.g. pumps, nozzles, spotlights).

  • For playing multimedia shows (Audio, Modbus, RS232)

Safety Information

Danger to persons and assets may emanate from this unit, if it is used in an improper manner or not in accordance with its intended use, or if the safety instructions are ignored. This unit must not be used by persons under the age of 18. Persons with impairments or lack of experience and knowledge may use the unit, as long as they are supervised and instructed on how to use the unit safely and are able to understand the potential risks. Do not allow children to play with this unit. Do not allow children to clean or maintain the unit.

Correct electrical Installation

• Electrical installations must meet the national regulations and may only be carried out by a qualified electrician. • A person is regarded as a qualified electrician, if, due to his/her vocational education, knowledge and experience, he or she is capable of and authorized to judge and carry out the work commissioned to him/her. This also includes the recognition of possible dangers and the adherence to the pertinent regional and national standards, rules and regulations. • For your own safety, please consult a qualified electrician. • The unit may only be connected when the electrical data of the unit and the power supply coincide. The unit data is to be found on the unit type plate or on the packaging, or in this manual. • Ensure that the unit is fused for a rated fault current of max. 3A on the mains side by means of a fault current protection device.

Save Operation

• Never operate the unit, if either the electrical cables or the housing are defective! • Do not carry or pull the unit by its electrical cables. • Route cords/hoses/lines in a way that they are protected against damage, and ensure that they do not present a tripping obstacle. • Only open the unit housing or its attendant components, when this is explicitly required in the operating instructions or approved/prescribed by Syncronorm‘s technical support service. • Only execute work on the unit that is described in this manual. If problems cannot be overcome, please contact an authorized customer service point or, when in doubt, the manufacturer. • Only use original spare parts and accessories for the unit. • Never carry out technical modifications to the unit. • Only operate the unit, if no persons are in the water! • The unit, the connections and the plugs are not water-proof and must not be routed or installed in water.

Qualifications and Training of Employees

• Ensure that installation personnel have the required technical qualifications. • Also ensure that all operating personnel are sufficiently qualified. • Ensure that maintenance work is only performed by personnel authorized for this purpose, e.g. specialists of Syncronorm GmbH or personnel with suitable training.

Dangers resulting from non-adherence to the Safety Information

Please note that Syncronorm GmbH assumes no liability for damage, downtimes or malfunctions resulting from non-adherence to this installation and operating manual. By ignoring or not adhering to all of the safety information contained in this manual, you could endanger people, the environment and the system of this unit. For example, non-adherence to the safety information contained in this manual can lead to the following dangerous occurrences: • A malfunction of important features of this unit • Danger for persons due to electric shock

Safety-conscious Operation

As a user of this unit, ensure that you follow all safety information contained in this manual. Follow the accident prevention regulations at all times. If the unit is used in a location where internal regulations, operating and safety instructions apply, ensure that these regulations and instructions are also adhered to.

Safety Information regarding Maintenance, Inspection and Installation Work

It is the owner/user‘s responsibility to ensure that all maintenance, inspection and installation work is carried out by authorized and qualified personnel, who have read and understood this manual. Only carry out maintenance work on this unit, when the unit system is switched off. Ensure that no pressure is applied to the unit and it is disconnected from the power supply (voltage-free) before carrying out maintenance or repair work.

Ensure that small malfunctions are immediately rectified by authorized personnel to avoid possible future damage, malfunctions and/or downtimes of the unit system. Certain maintenance work may require safety barriers to be removed and/or deactivated. If this is the case, ensure that all safety and protective devices/guards are re-installed and/or reactivated after completing the maintenance work.

Optional retrofitting and Production of Spare Parts

Changes or modifications to the device are only permitted after consultation with the manufacturer. Original spare parts and accessories approved by the manufacturer provide safety. We wish to stress that all parts and accessories not supplied by Syncronorm GmbH have neither been tested nor approved by Syncronorm GmbH. For this reason, the installation and/or use of such products can, under certain circumstances, negatively affect the specifications for the device. This could also lead to restrictions of the active and/or passive safety of the device. Syncronorm GmbH assumes no liability for damage resulting from the use of parts and accessories other than original Syncronorm GmbH parts. In this case all guarantee expires.

Dangers encountered by the Combination of Water and Electricity

• The combination of water and electricity can lead to death or severe injuries from electrocution, if the unit is incorrectly connected or misused. • Prior to reaching into the water, always switch off the mains voltage to all units used in the water.

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